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Microwave Ovens

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Microwave Low Rack

Low Rack for models R9R56, R962, R961

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Belt

Spool Drive Belt for models ER3110, ERA550, ERA570

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Waveguide Cover

Waveguide Cover for models R3A55, R3S56

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Waveguide Cover

Waveguide Cover for models R201, R202, R202M, R205M, R210AM, R211, R211WM, R212M, R230AM, R232, R242M, R242SLM, R242STM, R244M, R24ST, R24STM, R250A, R250AM, R251M, R252M, R254M, R25STM, R2V16M, R2V18, R2V1BM, R3G18, R3G58M, R3J58M, R597, R612, R612W, R612WN, R612WE, R630M, R634, R641M, R642M, R64STM, R650AM, R652M, R653M, R654M, R657, R6571, R65STM, R671M, R7260, R937, R953M, R957M, R957SLM, R958, R959, R959M, R959SLMA, R959SLMAA, R95ST, R95STM, R963M, R967M, R96ST, R96STM, R98ST, R98STMA, R98STMAA


Price (Inc. VAT):



Microwave Low Rack

Low Rack for models R772, R82FBSTM, R874, R85STM, R83ST, R83STM, R891, R884, R84STM, R86STM, R86STMA, R7C58, R795, R88BKM, R798, R774, R879, R989, R872, R890, R899, R898M

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Door Film

Door Film for models R270KM, R270SLM

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Microwave Build in Kit

Sharp Microwave Build in Kit for R879W

Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Microwave Turntable Plate

Microwave turntable plate for models R201, R201A, R202, R202M, R205, R207, R209, R209SL, R209W,R21FBST, R21FBSTM, R210, R211, R212, R22FBST, R22FBSTM, R230, R230AM, R232, R232M, R238A, R242, R244M, R247, R248, R249, R24STM, R250A, R250AM, R250M, R251, R252M, R254M, R259, R25STM, R26STM, R269SLM, R269KM, R269WM, R27STM, R27STMA, R297ST, R2V11, R2V11A, R2V15, R2V16, R2V16S, R2V18, R3A51T, R3A53, R3A55, R3E57M, R3G17, R3G18, R3G54, R3G56, R3G58, R3J58M, R3S56M, R3V11, R5885, R630A, R634, R641M, R642, R64STM, R650AM, R652M, R653M, R654M, R6571, R657SL, R65STM, R612, R612W, R612WN, R612WE

Price (Inc. VAT):



Turntable Motor Shaft Assby.

Turntable Motor Shaft Assby. for models R84ST, R84STM, R85STM, R86STM, R88BKM, R772, R774, R774M, R795, R872, R872M, R874, R875, R879, R885, R890, R890SLM, R895, R898


Price (Inc. VAT):



Sharp Timer Knob (White)

Timer Knob for model R207, R209

(Knob is White)

Price (Inc. VAT):



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